Halloween Meltdown with Nero, Adventure Club, and Fareoh at Hammerstein Ballroom, 10/27/12 – MIX JUNKIES


03, November 2012 by RomanZ

On a weekly basis Girls&Boys brings some of the best electronic artists to New York City. On Halloween weekend they outdid themselves by booking Nero and Adventure Club to play at Hammerstein Ballroom. It was a night of bass fueled mayhem as two of the best dubstep groups headlined the night. Adding to the fun vibes and craziness of the show were the countless costumes seen throughout the crowd as Halloween weekend was in full force. Hammerstein Ballroom is a great venue for EDM events as it has ample dance space on its main floor, room to rest and re-cooperate in its basement level, and a great viewing area from the upper floors.


Our very own Fareoh was a part of the epic night, showing many why he is considered to be a talented and up and coming DJ. He added some diversity to the bass heavy lineup by mixing progressive house hits and electro beats. He masterfully mashed together several songs, such as Dada Life‘s Kick Out the Epic Mother Fucker with David Guetta‘s Love is Gone, the result being a surprisingly fresh feel to both songs. He also played a hard hitting bootleg of Hardwell‘s Walking On a Dream/Paris/Cobra mix. Overall Fareoh was the perfect choice as a complement to Nero and Adventure Club and we hope to see more of him soon.

Lindsey Stirling

Up next was an awesome 15 minute violin solo by Lindsey Stirling with some hard hitting beats in the background. That’s right, a violin solo with dubstep beats! Lindsey is a hip-hop violinist that was featured on the show America’s Got Talent where she made it to the quarter finals. Since then she has gone on to do some solo work as well as covers of famous dubstep songs. As a part of Halloween Meltdown, she tore it up on stage, producing some beautiful sounding melodies paired with deep bass beats.

Adventure Club

After Lindsey finished her set, Adventure Club was up on the decks. Wasting no time AC played their song Waiting (which features samples from Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Toying with the crowd they dropped REVOLVR’s version of Internet Friends, except they went a step further and edited the song to make it their own, stretching out some parts and removing others. Afterwards Adventure Club went on an absolute trap rampage, playing that slow bass that gets everyone down and dirty. Then they once again switched up the style and played something really surprising: Seven Lion’s deep remix of Above and Beyond’s You Got To Go. Staying within the realm of dubstep they then transitioned into Kaskade‘s Eyes (Alvin Risk Remix) and brought back the classic remix of When The Rain Is Gone by Adam F. They also featured their signature remix of Metric’s Collect Call that played off as incredibly powerful and soulful. They finished their performance with a chopped up and stretched out version of I Crave You, encapsulating their emotional and diverse set with an epic finish.


After Adventure Club finished playing, Hammerstein Ballroom was transformed into a nuclear reactor as a screen gave way on the stage to reveal massive radioactive columns spewing smoke. Nero began playing a DJ set, which differs from their live performances in that instead of playing their album live with Alana, they would instead play a typical DJ set consisting of dubstep tracks and anything else they felt appropriate. Nero demonstrated that not only are they among the best producers in the dubstep game, but that they are amazing DJs as well. They rotated between dubstep bangers, their own productions, some trap, and some special songs such as Stress by Justice that caused all of Hammerstein to reach a melting point as the Nuclear reactors began to blow releasing tons of steam and smoke into the air. As another special surprise Alana came on stage to sing one song live, Nero’s Me and You, adding incredible emotion to the well-loved song. The crowd was soon calling for an encore and Nero answered the call, ending the night by playing their new song Won’t You (Be There).

This was a Halloween party I will soon not be forgetting. If you love dubstep you need to see Adventure Club and Nero live sometime soon. Also be sure to check out Girls&Boys as they continue to host amazing electronic dance music parties at their normal location, the Grand Ballroom at Webster Hall on Fridays.


Rihanna’s in 7th heaven as she brings her globe-trotting tour to an end – The Sun UK

It’s Rih-lly over … Rihanna has performed 7 gigs in 7 countries on 7 consecutive days

By IAN GARLAND Published: 21st November 2012

The singer has performed seven concerts in seven countries in seven days on her breathless adventure – travelling the globe from gig to gig on a private 777 jet, accompanied by an entourage of journalists and competition winners.
The tour hasn’t gone without glitches – and Rihanna kept fans waiting for two hours before she finally picked up the mic at Manhattan’s intimate Webster Hall.

But Rih pulled out all the stops to make it up to the patient crowd, dazzling in an eye-popping outfit that left little to the imagination.

Her loose-fitting shirt just about stretched below her bum, but bared her long legs – as she towered over fans in a pair of pink high heeled boots.

After the show, Rihanna hit Twitter to hail the 777 experiment a success.
She wrote: “#777Tour is a wrap! Thanks to everyone who was a part of this. It was an incredible experience for my fans and I!”

Time for a break … star bowed out at New York’s Webster Hall last night

But she hasn’t won everyone over on her jet-setting adventure.

Some of the fans and press lucky enough to land a golden ticket onboard her private plane complained they barely saw her as they whizzed between Mexico City, Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London and New York.
One fan who won a place on the “intimate” trip in a competition said: “We’ve spent days waiting for her on the Tarmac to get on planes or waiting in coaches for hours on end. There’s more waiting when we arrive in each city too, lugging cases off buses to hotels then straight out again.”

And an Aussie journalist resorted to streaking onboard the jet.


The Supersuckers + Jounce + The Energy + Streetlight Circus – Time Out New York

Until Tue Nov 27
The Studio at Webster Hall
125 E 11th St, New York
Punk & hardcore, Rock & roll

Time Out says

Thu Mar 15 2012
For more than 20 years, the Supersuckers have been wielding Les Paul guitars and singing about bourbon, cocaine, jackalopes, the devil, chicken-fried steak and flipping off strangers. Tonight the Tucson roots-punk hell-raisers headline downtown, with support including aptly named locals the Energy, whose tight, shamelessly user-friendly tunes nod to both classic power pop and arena-friendly alt rock.

Sol Ardour + A Man, a Wave + Fuctiphino and more – Time Out New York

Sun Nov 25
The Marlin Room (at Webster Hall)
125 E 11th St, New York
Alternative rock, Punk & hardcore, Rock & roll
Time Out says

Wed Nov 14 2012
Local outfit Sol Ardour does way-over-the-top melodic prog-metal—crammed with flash and bombast yet stubbornly catchy and undeniably affecting. These guys are clearly scaling their material for stadiums, so it should be a trip to hear them in a club setting.

Hoodie Allen – Time Out New York

Time Out says

Mon Nov 12 2012
Long Island–raised Steven Markowitz is a frat boy turned Google employee turned rapper who releases tunes under the moniker Hoodie Allen. The cut of this 23-year-old’s jib is decidedly glossy, hipster hip-hop, with a side of pop that comes in somewhere between Chiddy Bang, Childish Gambino and Mac Miller. Playing two nights in the city, Allen will be pulling from his back catalog of three mixtapes and two albums, including this year’s All American.

Hanky Panky Dancers Exude Skill, Not Sleaze – DNAinfo

November 15, 2012 7:42am | By Serena Solomon

EAST VILLAGE — Critical remarks and judgmental looks are some of the responses Kim Lopez gets when she tells others about her nine-to-five.
Just don’t call her a stripper.
“It is not what they make it out to be,” said the 21-year-old, who is a featured dancer at the East Village nightspot the Hanky Panky Club, where performers dance on the bar and swing from ropes.
“I definitely feel there is a stereotype to this nightlife, this lifestyle or this choice of work, but I completely disagree.”
For Lopez, whose dance repertoire ranges from ballet to hip-hop to jazz, the Hanky Panky Club gives her the chance to show off her skills, albeit not on the traditional stage.
She doesn’t dance using a pole, though there is a rope to twirl on. And she doesn’t work in a thong — a black leotard passes the modesty test.
“I am a professional dancer,” she said. “I am trained, and I put on a show.”
After midnight in the Hanky Panky Club, Lopez and numerous other dancers take to a platform, calling themselves “glamorous accessories” to features like bottle service, DJs and a tight door policy.
The Hanky Panky Club is located within the concert venue Webster Hall on East 11th Street, and offers a vintage feel with a near-hidden entrance.
But the thing that sets it apart from the myriad other nightlife establishments Downtown trying to cash in on the speakeasy vibe are its modern go-go girls.
“Dance is probably the best form of art, and a lot of people doubt that sometimes,” said Lopez, as she readied herself for a night of work with layers of lipstick and costume jewelry.
“If you look at a dancer, they are telling a story with their bodies, and not a lot of people can do that.”
About three dancers alternate every 15 minutes throughout the night at the club, which is open Thursday through Saturday from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.
They take to a specially-built podium on the bar for a performance that seems sensual but not provocative, twirling on a rope as they improvise to the DJ’s choice of popular music.
Yuliya Blagova also dances at the club and revels in the opportunity to be “pretty and sparkly and sexy” — all while getting paid.
“I started dancing because my mom decided to put me into dancing,” said Blagova, a ballroom dancer who competes internationally.
Lopez, too, spent up to eight hours in dance classes each day when she was growing up.
“I lived in my leotard and my ballet slippers, and my hair was always in a bun,” she said.
Along with performing in the club, Blagova also has a job as a certified personal trainer, working with clients who are often dancers themselves.
“I wake up really early, train three or four clients from 9 to 11,” she said of her regular routine. “I go home. I sleep. And then I come here.”
For Gary Spencer, creative director of the Hanky Panky Club, all his dancers must be professionally trained. Their outfits are also meticulously chosen — even down to the perfume with a citrus scent and notes of amber that he described as warm and inviting.
“You can lose as much energy as you create,” Spencer said of how a poor performance atmosphere can suck the life out of a club.
The 30-year veteran in the nightlife business said finding talented and committed dancers is tough.
“If you go into the performance side of it you have to know your stuff,” he said, adding that he wanted to create a club that “fulfills all the senses.”
The Hanky Panky Club is largely separate from the popular Webster Hall performance venue, but it is owned by the same operators. An alternative entry via a hallway and numerous sets of stairs gives it a sense of secrecy.
As for the dancers, Lopez said the nightlife is rewarding.
“It is crazy for some people, but for us it’s the norm, and I get to do what I love,” she said.
“And the next day, I get to live my life and go to dance classes.”

Nominated Best Live Event – International Academy of Web Television Awards

Best Live Event

Live one-off event produced for original distribution online that is not simulcast on cable or network television. Submissions should include a 3-5 minute reel of show highlights and a link to an archive of the entire production.


2nd Annual Indie Intertube Awards

Bill Maher: CrazyStupidPolitics

Live in NYC

Transforming The World through Comedy

We Day Winnipeg 2011

Live in NYC        The Black Keys

In their (rather successful) quest to become the world’s biggest band, the Black Keys have rolled out the proverbial red carpet this week for El Camino, which was released via Nonesuch on Tuesday, December 6. Along with appearances on Saturday Night Live, Letterman and The Colbert Report, the Keys treated fans to an intimate concert Monday night at New York’s Webster Hall as a part of Hive’s Live in NYC series. As we reported yesterday, the band ripped through a set of greatest hits from their back catalog, as well as soon-to-be-hits from El Camino. For those of you who missed the live stream, we’ve got five songs from the night for you, including new singles from El Camino, the gut-punching “Lonely Boy,” and the swinging, sweaty “Gold on the Ceiling.” Enjoy.

NYC Zombie Crawl lumbers around the East Village (slide show) – Time Out New York

Zombie attack! The NYC Zombie Crawl dragged its sorry, undead self from Webster Hall to Union Square and back again.

By Jonathan Shannon

Click Here for entire Slideshow

Halloween—it gets earlier and earlier each yeah, amirite? The gorey undead took to the streets on Sunday, October 14, for the sixth annual NYC Zombie Crawl, lurching from Webster Hall to Union Square in an insatiable quest for brains and booze. Check out photos from the event above for a zombie Alice in Wonderland, a zombie Stormtrooper, a zombie Michael Jackson circa Thriller, a zombie Psy of “Gangnam Style” fame, and—we think—a zombie Adam Yauch (too soon, dude, too soon).

There are plenty more Halloween events coming up for all you wannabe shamblers, such as the Zombie Prom on Halloween night.