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Kishi Bashi October 2 Classically trained on violin, Kaoru Ishibashi explored new ways to manipulate the instrument’s traditional sounds via loops, layers, and distortion on his first two releases as Kishi Bashi. Those records, 151a and Lighght, won acclaim for their soaring, orchestral indie-pop, but when Ishibashi attempted to pen similar material for a follow-up, his old tricks failed him. The solution, of course, was reinvention, and for Kishi Bashi, that comes in the form of Sonderlust, whose bright, disco-infused tracks get modern updates like eight-bit chiptune interludes and a daring flute solo (“Say Yeah”) and driving synths (“Can’t Let Go, Juno”). With a widened, refreshed palette, this eclectic genius embarks on a grueling tour schedule that stops at Webster in early October. Webster Hall, 125 East 11th Street,


We just walked off the stage at the Global Citizen show in New York’s Central Park and we had such a blast that we’re going to keep the good vibes rolling by adding another show to our New York run! This Tuesday, September 27th, we’ll be playing a special show for our Fifth Members only at the intimate Webster Hall and if you’re a member you have a chance to pick up tickets and join us.

It’s easy… click here to enter to win an opportunity to purchase up to two tickets per member. Tickets will be $25.00 each and all the proceeds will be donated to City Harvest. Hurry! Entries close tomorrow, Sunday, September 25 at 6:45 PM EDT. All winners will be e-mailed a personal code and more details about how to purchase tickets to the exclusive one-of-a-kind show.

If you can get to New York City from wherever you are this Tuesday evening and you’re a Fifth Member, check it out now. Hope to see you there!

A Step Back In Time with the Worlds Most Iconic Venues – MIXMAG

A venue can define a city. Clubs and concert halls are breeding grounds for culture and history through the form of music. From Elvis Presley’s milestone recording of ‘Hound Dog’ at New York City’s Webster Hall to Amnesia Ibiza becoming the first super club lusted for around the world, take a journey into the past with Mixmag and see how some of the most iconic venues have stood the test of time.


Webster Hall’s structure went up in 1886 and was originally used as a “hall for hire” performance space. In the 1920s, Webster started hosting grand masquerade balls and America’s first LGBT events. Throughout its 130 years, the concert destination has withstood four fires and welcomed legendary artists like Tina Turner, Madonna, Radiohead and U2.

Webster Hall boasts some of the city’s richest history; in 1956, Elvis Presley recorded ‘Hound Dog’ at the venue when it was being used as a studio by RCA and hosted Bob Dylan’s recording debut in 1962.

In the late 2000s, the Girls & Boys party series introduced bass music culture to the mainstream scene and continues to consistently book many of the electronic community’s most famous artists.

Angel Olsen’s Otherworldly Webster Hall Show: 5 Things That Stunned Us – BILLBOARD

9/19/2016 by Nick Williams

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images
Angel Olsen performs in New York City on Aug. 29, 2016.

During her triumphant sold-out show at Webster Hall on Saturday night, and just days into her My Woman world tour, singer-songwriter Angel Olsen made sure to leave a forceful impression, as she brought the audience to complete silence on multiple occasions throughout her stunning, emotive set — a near impossibility at packed shows.

Featuring mostly tracks from her just released new album My Woman (Jagjaguwar), Olsen’s set captivated the packed-to-the-brim crowd from start to finish, with a clear display of her musicianship, brilliant songwriting, and otherworldly vocal ability. And just three songs in, as Olsen’s latest single “Shut Up Kiss Me” filled the room, it was clear everyone in attendance was fully transfixed by the talent.

Besides the obvious standout ‘”Shut Up,” which she also recently performed on The Late Show With Steven Colbert (Aug. 30), below are five things from the show that stood out.

1. New Six-Piece Band

As showcased in her recent appearance on Colbert, her now six-piece band delivers a more fleshed-out sonic experience for longtime fans of the songstress. With three guitarists, a bassist, drummer and backup vocalist, the strong backing band suits the new tunes especially well, given their full-figured arrangements when compared to her first two records, which leaned mostly toward the acoustic.

2. Retro Style On Point

Also showcased on Colbert (as seen above), Olsen’s penchant for retro-leaning fashion is clear. However, the coordination has never been more apparent or successful, as Olsen stood out in a retro olive-green dress, with her bandmates in matching grayish-blue suits, giving us Lesley Gore and Roy Orbison ’60s vibes.

3. Seamless Acoustic to Electric Transitions

On “Lights Out,” a standout from her sophomore LP Burn Your Fire for No Witness, and again on My Woman electrifier “Not Gonna Kill You,” Olsen and Co. expertly slid from acoustics to psychedelics, at one point seriously channeling Zeppelin during the latter’s raucous come down, as Olsen shrieked over whirling guitars “It’s not gonna kill you/ Not gonna kill you.”

4. Comedic Interludes

“What a sexy crowd it is tonight,” Olsen told fans early in the night, later getting more in-depth: “It’s gonna be all right, you know why? You’re such a good-looking crowd, that’s why. Make sure to wear protection tonight,” followed by a perfectly cued drum roll.

5. Knockout Encore

Following the devastating run through Burn Your Fire closer “Windows,” Olsen re-emerged for a one-two punch of an encore, first with a delicate trio performance of the lush and hazy My Woman lead track “Intern,” followed by a dazzling full-band run through “Woman,” as she cooed “I dare you to understand/ what makes me a woman.”


Never Be Mine
Shut Up Kiss Me
Lights Out
Heart Shaped Face
Those Were the Days
Drunk and with Dreams
Not Gonna Kill You
Sweet Dreams
Give It Up


Echo & the Bunnymen played Webster Hall (pics / setlist / videos) – BROOKLYN VEGAN

By Bill Pearis September 13, 2016 5:32 PM

EATB @ Webster Hall (photo by @lithophyte)
EATB @ Webster Hall (photo by @lithophyte)

Echo & the Bunnymen‘s current tour hit NYC last night for a sold-out show at Webster Hall. With no new album to promote, it was pretty much nothing but classics, with a nice mix of hits (“Do it Clean,” “The Cutter,” “The Killing Moon, ” “Bring on the Dancing Horses”) and some choice deep cuts (“Over the Wall,” “My Kingdom,” “All My Colours,” “Heads Will Roll”). The band, which has been Ian McCulloch and guitarist Will Sergeant plus various hired guns, played against a backdrop of the EATB logo that graced their first single.

Setlist, video and instagrams from the Bunnymen’s show at Webster Hall, below.

SETLIST: Echo & the Bunnymen @ Webster Hall 9/12/2016
Going Up
Heads Will Roll
All That Jazz
My Kingdom
Do It Clean
Villiers Terrace
All My Colours (Zimbo)
Never Stop
Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
Over the Wall
Bring On the Dancing Horses
The Killing Moon
The Cutter

Nothing Lasts Forever / Walk on the Wild Side
Lips Like Sugar

Seth Herzog: Sweet’s 12th Anniversary – VILLAGE VOICE

By Amy Hawthorne

It’s hard for a weekly show to keep up both quality and excitement for one year, let alone eleven, but Seth Herzog’s Sweet has more than managed to do that. Both are thanks to Seth’s frequent last minute bookings of very high profile comedians, so the audience keeps coming back because they never know what they’re in for, just that it’s going to be good. The anniversary edition already boasts David Cross and Hasan Minhaj, but that leaves plenty of space for some extra special surprises.

Echo & The Bunnymen – THE VILLAGE VOICE

by Andi Harriman

One of the more famous alternative-rock acts of the Eighties, Echo & the Bunnymen have always had the ability to capture a specific mood, evoking the terrifying beauty of melancholy. Singer Ian McCulloch and his band found fame with their 1984 single “The Killing Moon,” a timeless, hauntingly delicate song from the Ocean Rain LP. In 2001, the song found its way back into pop culture after its use in the unforgettable opening sequence of the 1988-set supernatural thriller Donnie Darko. Most recently, Echo & the Bunnymen have turned heads with another Ocean Rain track, “Nocturnal Me,” which features in yet another supernatural drama: the instant-hit, 1983-set Netflix series Stranger Things. McCulloch and his Bunnymen have had a way of captivating us with their acoustic guitars and string ensembles throughout the decades, enveloping us in both sadness and delight. They are the soundtrack to the strange, dark, and eerie — nowhere better presented than under the dramatic spotlight of Webster Hall’s foggy stage.

Wax Tailor – “Worldwide” (Feat. Ghostface Killah) Video – STEREOGUM

Veteran underground French producer Wax Tailor has been making versatile beats on a fluid spectrum ranging from trip-hop to boom-bap for 15 years now. He’s set to drop his fifth studio album, By Any Beats Necessary, this fall. The album features underground stalwarts Tricky, R.A. The Rugged Man, and Token. Here’s what Tailor had to say about it:

Without going too deep into politics, the album’s title reflects my determination to use all kinds of sounds and textures to get to something musical. The word “beat” also draws a line towards the Beat Gen- eration, Kerouac’s famous novel On The Road, and the quest for an better place. And so, in this time when each of us needs a little escape, I conceptualized this album as the soundtrack to a better elsewhere that I imagined to be the south western part of the USA.

The lead single is “Worldwide” featuring Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan, and it comes with a matching set of animated visuals. It’s a funky, smooth joint interspersed with 8-bit video game blips and bleeps and cleverly syncopated boom-bap drums as Ghostface spits braggadocios bars about his global cachet. As for the video, crude drawings of Tailor and Ghost leap off the paper in a stop motion-like fashion as the rapper’s lyrics appear on screen in several inventive ways. The French producer has been criminally slept-on for quite some time, hopefully he’ll get some much-deserved attention for this newest full-length. Watch.

Wax Tailor plays Webster Hall on Jan 19, 2017 – Get tickets here

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