David Byrne Leads Fundraiser For Bernie Worrell’s Medical Bills – STEREOGUM

Gabriela Tully Claymore

Bernie Worrell, the keyboardist and composer known for working with Parliament Funkadelic, has been ill, and he’s having a hard time paying his medical bills due to the fact that the United States has an inadequate public healthcare system. David Byrne has been friends with Worrell for a long time — the two collaborated on the Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense as well as some of Byrne’s personal projects — and he organized a group of musicians to perform at a benefit show at New York City’s Webster Hall last night. Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Living Colour, Jonathan Demme, Meryl Streep, Rick Springfield, Maceo Parker, Steve Scales, Bill Laswell, Mudbone, Fred Schneider, Bernard Fowler, Leo Nocentelli, Ronny Drayton, Melvin Gibbs, Jerry Harrison, Screaming Headless Torsos, The Woo Warriors, Nona Hendryx, Sarah Dash, Nelson George, Marc Ribler, Paul Shaffer, and Black Rock Coalition Orchestra all participated.

In addition, Byrne remixed “How Does The Brain Wave?,” a song he co-wrote with Worrell, and shared Jamie Liddell’s remix of the song as well. Physical editions of both remixes are being auctioned off and you can digitally download the tracks now. All of the proceeds will go toward Worrell’s Sweet Relief fund. Byrne said the following via his website:

In a better world, we shouldn’t feel the need to do this. Obamacare is a step, but the U.S. health system needs fixing bigtime. Relative to all the industrialized countries of the world, the U.S. remains the only country without universal coverage AND it’s the most expensive. Ernest Adams writes on Quora about his experience in UK:

“Having lived under both systems I cannot find the words to express the relief at knowing that I will get care no matter how sick I get, no matter how much it costs, and no matter whether I’m rich or poor.”

If the U.S. had Canada’s healthcare system, 5,400 fewer babies would die in infancy, and we’d save about $1.3 trillion dollars in healthcare spending. (But, in Canada there longer wait times for ER, etc.)

But, here we are.

Check out photos and videos from last night’s benefit show below.


LCD Soundsystem First Reunion Show: Video, Photos, Setlist, and More – PITCHFORK

A real-time play-by-play of the band’s first show in five years

On April 1, 2011, LCD Soundsystem bid farewell with a massive concert at Madison Square Garden. Tonight, five years to almost the exact date, James Murphy and co. are rising from the dead on Easter Sunday, playing the first of two shows at Webster Hall in Manhattan. These Webster Hall gigs are warmups for LCD’s Coachella headline sets, which will kick off a summer of festival appearances, including Lollapalooza and Panorama. A new album is also in the works. Pitchfork is on the scene at Webster Hall tonight. We’ll be offering play-by-play live updates of everything that goes down. The setlist will be updated in real time, hopefully featuring favorites from the band’s three unforgettable albums (2005′s self-titled debut, 2007′s Sound of Silver, and 2010′s This Is Happening) and new songs. (If you need a refresher on your LCD history, consult Pitchfork’s 2011 feature “You Were There: The Complete LCD Soundsystem.”) Follow along with us here, or add Pitchfork on Snapchat for more. Find the setlist below, along with the play-by-play rundown:


Get Innocuous
One Touch
Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
Us Vs. Them
You Wanted a Hit
Freak Out
Someone Great
Losing My Edge
New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down


Dance Yrself Clean
All My Friends

More photos and videos here: http://pitchfork.com/news/64389-lcd-soundsystem-first-reunion-show-video-photos-setlist-and-more/

LCD Soundsystem Announces Two NYC Shows This Weekend – FUSETV

Sorry, Coachella-goers: You won’t be seeing LCD’s first show since its 2011 breakup Jason Lipshutz March 24, 2016

LCD Soundsystem is kicking off its reunion a few weeks early: James Murphy and co. will perform back-to-back nights at Webster Hall in New York over Easter weekend, performing its first show in nearly five years Mar. 27.

The event is sponsored by Panorama, the new “Coachella East” festival taking place in New York City in July. LCD Soundsystem is among the headliners for the fest.

Speaking of Coachella, LCD Soundsystem’s big reunion was supposed to go down there on Apr. 15, and they’re still headlining of course, but the Webster shows put a slight damper on that grand return. With Guns N’ Roses also spoiling its return pre-Coachella, is the Indio fest… losing its edge?


Beach House Plays Transcendent Sold-Out Show at NYC’s Webster Hall – BILLBOARD

3/15/2016 by Nick Williams

For enigmatic Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House — comprised of singer/keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist/keyboardist Alex Scally — the ascent to mainstream prominence since the release of 2010's Teen Dream has been an artful crawl. Though their fanbase has grown substantially (and steadily) over the past six years, they’ve maintained an aura of pure and magnetic allure, the kind of murky anonymity rarely seen in today’s era of Insta-and-Snapchat-everything fame. At a time when albums themselves are arguably seen as nearly irrelevant, Beach House released two sweeping, lush records in 2015: Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars.

Maintaining individuality is at the core of Beach House's DNA, and this notion was evident in the planning of their lengthy world tour, which features "installation shows" inside art spaces, galleries, and other alternative venues alongside standard bookings. Some bands never look back, but on Monday (March 14) night, at the first of three sold out Webster Hall shows in New York City (the same venue they’ve played since 2009), the group dazzled with a diverse setlist spanning all six of their albums to a spellbound crowd packing every edge of the 1,500-capacity Grand Ballroom.

Beginning with Depression Cherry opening track "Levitation," Legrand led the group, featuring bassist Skyler Skjelset and drummer Graham Hill, as red and white lights flickered behind them. And as Legrand's signature long dark hair hung sleepily in front of her eyes, she slurred to the crowd "Thank you for being here tonight," before they surged into 2012 Bloom cut "Other People."


"There's a place I want to take you" @beaccchhoussse "Levitation" @websterhall

A video posted by Nick Williams (@rickrilliams) on

But it wasn’t until after Legrand’s spoken word intro during “PPP” that the show lifted to divine heights, as a huge blast of starlight illuminated behind them as she sang “Did you see it coming / It happened so fast / The timing was perfect / Water on glass.” Celestial-themed projections remained the evening’s stage theme, a perfect accompaniment to the cosmic tracks and Legrand's booming, otherworldly vocals.


@beaccchhoussse "Silver Soul" @websterhall

A video posted by Nick Williams (@rickrilliams) on

"Let's get this little party (pause)…I'm not gonna finish that sentence," Legrand joked before the group spun into Devotion’s 2008 cut "Gila," to cheers from the crowd.  “We did something horrible. We counted it up and it’s our 32nd show in New York City!” shouted Scally midway through the hour and a half long set, showcasing just how significant the three-night sell out was for the decade-strong group.

As the show progressed, Legrand became more comfortable with the crowd, cracking joke after joke including, “You guys wanna get personal?” before a disco ball-lit run of “Somewhere Tonight” and later asking “Where my drunk ladies at?” before throwing it back with 2006’s “Master Of None.” She even brought up the Soleil Moon Frye-led ‘80s sitcom Punky Brewster: “Is Punky Brewster in the house? Don’t you remember Punky? Enough about Punky – more about us!”

As the group exited the stage after closing on Bloom opener “Myth,” the crowd howled for more. Several minutes later, Legrand returned to the stage to perform an encore of what she described as “the first song they ever wrote together,” 2006’s “Saltwater,” solo on synth. The full group then joined her on a triumphant sing-along version of Depression Cherry hit “Sparks.” As two spotlights illuminated the crowd, the smell of sage and pot lingered in the air.

Other People 
All Your Yeahs 
Silver Soul
Space Song 
10 Mile Stereo 
Somewhere Tonight
Master of None 
Beyond Love
Elegy to the Void 




Somos played The Studio at Webster Hall with Petal, The Superweaks & Adult Mom – BROOKLYN VEGAN

Somos at The Studio at Webster Hall

Petal at The Studio at Webster Hall

Boston’s Somos released their great new album First Day Back recently via Hopeless, and then brought their tour with Petal and The Superweaks to NYC’s Studio at Webster Hall on Saturday (3/5). The new album is a pretty massive departure from their earlier stuff, and their best work yet. It has the band working with prettier, more atmospheric sounds and subtly technical musicianship, which was all on display at the Webster show. The fans went crazier for the old songs (which sounded less different than the new material in a live setting than on record), but maybe the new record just needs some time because those were the moments the band truly shined. The new stuff doesn’t sound “punk” in any way, like their old songs did, but the band still clearly have that mentality. They were super tight, sounded huge, and they know the importance of having a good drummer. They also know the importance of not being statues on stage or anything, and it was clear that the fist-raised crowd was loving every second of it.

Right before them was Petal, whose 2015 debut Shame is really solid and who sounded great on Saturday night. Main member Kiley Lotz has a revolving lineup, which included Tigers Jaw singer Ben Walsh this time, though she’s clearly the star of the show. A lot of moments are just her playing and guitar and singing, and they’re as memorable as the rockin’ stuff like set-closer “Sooner.” Right before them was The Superweaks, with a triple guitar attack that’s kind of a mix of Weezer and Thin Lizzy. And before that was local opener Adult Mom, who make bare-bones indie rock with hints of The Moldy Peaches.

View all the photos here : http://www.brooklynvegan.com/somos-played-the-studio-at-webster-hall-with-petal-the-superweaks-adult-mom-pics/

Ty Segall played 2 nights @ Webster Hall – BROOKLYN VEGAN

Ty Segall played 2 nights @ Webster Hall (pics from night 1 w/ CFM & Axis: Sova)
By Bill Pearis March 1, 2016 4:08 PM

photos by Mimi Hong

Ty Segall & The Muggers

Ty Segall & The MuggersTy Segall & The Muggers @ Webster Hall 2/28/2016

“Infantile” is a good descriptor of Ty Segall’s current tour. This is not meant as derogatory, as much as a statement of fact. Diapers (clean diapers) rained down on the audience from both sides of the balcony at Webster Hall on Saturday night (2/28) while Ty and his band The Muggers played “Big Baby Man.” Add to that Segall wearing the rather disturbing baby mask (as seen on the cover of his new LP Emotional Mugger) for a good part of the show, more than a few songs mentioning “candy,” and you get a regressive state of a show. In the best possible way.

Ty Segall really seems to be relishing the spotlight that this tour gives him. With two or three other guitarists, depending on the song, he’s in pure frontman mode, egging on the crowd, jumping in the crowd, calling people on cellphones, and generally hamming it up. Luckily the Muggers, which include King Tuff, Mikal Cronin and Cory from Wand, are more than up to the music side and they just sounded great on Saturday, which was the first of two nights at Webster. (This was not quite the drunky party vibe of the Baby’s show.) The bulk of the set was from Emotional Mugger (which is bigger and better live than on LP) but they did throw fans some older bones, too, like “Thank God for the Sinners,” which probably got the most audience reaction of the night.

Opening was CFM, the band fronted by Ty’s sometimes bandmate Charles Moothart, and former tourmate Axis:Sova. Pictures from their sets, and more pics from Ty & the Muggers and video of the diaper-filled “Big Baby Man” performance, below.

Sunday night (2/19) Ty Segall played Webster with The Men and Dion Lunadon of A Place to Bury Strangers. We’ll have pics from that show up soon.

Ty Segall & The Muggers

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Ty Segall & The Muggers

Ty Segall & The Muggers

Ty Segall & The Muggers

See all the pictures here: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/ty-segall-played-2-nights-webster-hall-pics-from-night-1-w-cfm-axis-sova/?trackback=tsmclip

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